Meet The Maker - Temple De Luna

#Meetthemaker - Rebecca at Temple De Luna
Temple De Luna's High Priestess Serum features in our Beautiful Botanicals Box. I was first drawn to Temple De Luna because I loved the product name, High Priestess. I felt that it fitted really well for our Mother's Day inspired Beautiful Botanicals Box, where we have fabulous products from three woman-owned small businesses. Rebecca regularly posts beauty tips and tricks on her Instagram page and as a Serum Newbie, have found them invaluable for learning how to maintain glowing, healthy skin (who knew not to use your finger tips!?)
Each Temple De Luna product is handmade, natural and vegan. Each ethically sourced ingredient is specifically chosen for their benefits for the skin. I have been lucky enough to sample Temple De Luna's product range The serum gives an almost instantly noticeable glow to the skin and the scent is just amazing. I used High Priestess Body Butter and Tierra Balm on my patches of psoriasis and it significantly reduced the redness and flare, so would 100% recommend this, particularly those who suffer from dry skin conditions.
I asked Rebecca a few questions to get to know her, and her products better. Here's what she had to say:
When and why did you start Temple De Luna?
I created Temple de Luna out of my own experience with problem skin. I suffered from severe acne as a teenager, into my early 20's and also had psoriasis. At around 15 I started experimenting with natural ingredients and teaching myself the basics of formulating. Fast forward to 2019 and years of research later, I had been making my Tierra Balm formula for 3 years and by March 2019 I found myself redundant from my job. I knew I wanted to start my own business and the time felt right, so I began to build a blueprint for bringing Temple de Luna to life. I finally dedicated the time to research the regulations and legalities that go into launching a cosmetic product and got to work, and by October 31st I launched my first product, Tierra Balm. In January 2020 I changed my formula to all vegan ingredients, creating Tierra Balm Vegan.
What do you enjoy most about your business?
It's so difficult to choose one aspect that I enjoy most, I am so passionate about formulating, and creating natural products that actually work and I love seeing how much they can help others, but I also love interacting with my customers and followers, creating content for our social media and networking with so many amazing people. 
Tell us about your products?
I make all of my products by hand, using natural, vegan ingredients. All the ingredients I use are specifically chosen (and ethically sourced) for their excellent benefits for the skin. Tierra Balm Vegan is a multi-purpose balm, with an earthy, fresh scent. This can be used for areas of dry skin that need some moisture, it is excellent at removing make-up, soothing dry, chapped lips and as a general moisturiser for anywhere needing a boost of moisture. Our High Priestess Duo consists of our High Priestess Butter & High Priestess Serum. This is a face and body moisturising duo (also sold separately) with a heavenly scent of Vetiver & Patchouli. Both are packed with nourishing oils such as Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil, Baobab Oil and contain 3% Blueberry Seed Oil, which is an excellent ingredient for assisting the skin in repairing blue light damage (from the sun and our devices!) and in reducing signs of ageing by keeping the skin firm and smooth. All of my ingredients are suitable for skin prone to Eczema, Acne, Psoriasis and Rosacea.
Tell us more about the High Priestess Serum, included in the Beautiful Botanicals Gift Box?
My High Priestess Serum is great for deeply moisturising, soothing and nourishing your skin. It's Jojoba Oil content helps to reduce redness, and aid skin repair, whilst helping to balance your skin's oil production. The Blueberry Seed Oil also helps to protect against oxidative stress & offers hydration to the skin. And with added Moringa Oil, High Priestess Serum is great for leaving your skin dewy, moisturised and glowing. 
How Do We Buy?
You can purchase any of my products from my online store at, feel free to get in touch or reach out via Instagram (@TempledeLunaHQ) for any recommendations, advice or questions you may have, I'm always happy to have a blether!Temple De Luna Product Range