Meet The Maker - BP Plastic Free

Did you know, every year the UK uses enough cling film to wrap around the world 30 times?

Award winning business woman, Catriona Mann at Bplastic Free is trying to change this!

Catriona developed Waxyz after accepting voluntary redundancy from John Lewis Partnership and taking the holiday that changed her life in 2018. She'd decided to travel around New Zealand in a camper van and noticed the popularity of re-usable food wraps. Living on the coast in the beautiful village of Crail in Scotland, Catriona was already concerned about plastic pollution and its effect on the oceans. She resolved that when she returned to the UK she would set up her own business making re-useable wraps – and so Waxyz were born!

Waxyz are eco-friendly re-useable food wraps made of organic cotton and coated with a unique blend of food-friendly waxes. They can be used to wrap sandwiches, cheese, bread and leftovers. Using waxed cotton to preserve food goes back to the Egyptians and reduces waste as food doesn't 'sweat' as it does if wrapped in plastic.

Waxyz are more affordable than conventional beeswax re-useable wraps and are also suitable for vegans. Unlike the beeswax wraps they don't have any smell or sticky residue.

Waxyz are available in a range of designs and sizes

Just wrap, store, wash & reuse! If cared for properly, Waxyz will last a year and can be recycling in your compost bin!! Deal! 

Find yours in our Oh Honey! hampers or purchase on its own